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7 Stage Pulse Battery Chargers

The Power Train RBC87S are fully automatic 7 stage smart battery chargers designed to effectively charge most battery types, including Lead Acid, Calcium, Maintenance Free, GEL and AGM chemistries.

Manufactured to the highest quality levels with latest design parameters this specialised charging system automatically selects the correct current setting for the size of the battery which in turn helps to prolong battery life.



Model No: RBC87S
Type Automatic switch mode 7 stage battery charger
Input AC 175 - 255V / 50 - 60 Hz

Output Power

96 Watts
Maximum Current Output 8 Amp
Minimum Start Voltage 0 V
Charge Control
Boost and Absorption Charge Lead Acid - 15.4V Max
GEL / AGM - 14.8V Max
Calcium - 15.7V Max
Float 1 Amp
Battery Range
Deep Cycle 17A/H to 150A/H
Automotive 120CCA to 800CCA


  • Built in microchip monitoring and control system
  • Able to test battery condition while charging, with faulty battery LED indicator and built in buzzer
  • Accurate voltage and current detection and monitoring on both input and output AC and DC
  • Selectable charge cycle for lead acid, calcium and GEL / AGM batteries provides the best possible charge for each battery type
  • Complete charging cycle including desulphation/pulse, soft start, bulk, absorption, analysis, boost (equalisation) and maintenance to fully charge the battery and prolong battery life
  • Even cell voltage function allows all battery cells to be charged equally
  • Charger temperature control automatically adjusts the charging voltage relative to the internal charger temperature to minimise charger and battery damage due to overheating
  • Reverse Polarity and short circuit protection
  • Zero volt minimum battery start up - can commence charging a completely flat battery
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