Portable Power solutions

Perfect 12V portable power solution for camping, auxiliary battery for caravans/campervans and everyday power usage.


PBG26 (Image shows two batteries stacked on top of one another, resulting in a 52Ah battery)

• Stackable 12V 26 A/H (each) battery pack system.
• Unique AGM battery design can handle high instantaneous current output as well as sustained constant current.
• Thin flat shape allowing diverse installation possibilities when mounting in vehicle.
• Stack and combine multiple battery packs to scale up your power requirements.
• Integrated carry handles for easy pick up and go portability.
• Use with HUB-100 display and control unit for easy connection to your favourite devices.



• PGB-26 stackable battery pack dedicated display and controller.
• Large-screen LEDs clearly and accurately display battery pack capacity and voltage values.
• Clearly indicates the output status of each channel and the total current value.
• Battery low voltage and capacity alarm with blinking LED.
• Over current and overload warning and protection.
• PBG-26 battery stack can be charged when the charging socket is connected to an external charger.
• Hub can be installed on the PBG-26 battery pack or placed remotely for convenient operation and display.