Reducer Range

DC Voltage Reducers allow the operation of 12V DC accessories from 24V DC electrical systems commonly found
in heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks, earthmoving, farm equipment and large marine craft.
These reducers are available in a range of sizes from 5 Amp up to 25 Amp, and can supply power to devices such
as CB and HF radios, audio systems, CD Players, mobile phone and accessory chargers, along with many other
12 Volt appliances.
With a highly efficient 90% power transfer, easy wiring and safety features, a Powertrain DC reducer is the right
choice for any 24V electrical system when running 12 volt DC accessories.
The NS05 & NS10 models also include a separate radio memory circuit to allow your radio to retain its memory
even when the key is turned off.







• High efficiency, ensuring you get the best and
smothest voltage reduction while wasting the least
amnount of energy.
• Solid Aluminium housings to take the knocks in
comercial & heavy vehicles
• Compact size so the unit can be easily fitted out sight.
• Easy to wire & connect with simple colour coded
• Over Voltage & short circuit protection

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