Solar Panels

Have you ever been caught out with a flat battery in your boat when you get around to taking it out? How about coming back from holidays to find your car battery flat? Do you need to have a power source while camping, but don’t want to listen to your car engine running?

The 20W and 40W solar panel with inbuilt controller is the perfect solution for any of the above problems. It is easy to use and environmentally friendly, providing cost-effective photovoltaic power for DC loads with varying energy requirements. Constructed with   mono-crystalline cells in series, batteries will charge efficiently in virtually any climate. With its inbuilt controller, you can connect to your battery for extended periods, without the risk of overcharging.



20W Solar Panel with Solar Regulator



40W Solar Panel with Solar Regulator


These solar panels are the mono-crystalline type which is well known to be the most efficient type of solar panel. The panel generates electricity from the sunlight which will then go through the Smart Charger which is stored at the back of the panel and then the electricity will draw to the battery through the connecting leads. The smart charger will charge your battery without the risk of overcharging it, eliminating the disadvantage of traditional solar battery chargers. During the charging process the Smart Charger will provide both a ‘boost charging state’ and ‘float charging state’. In boost charging state the charger will provide 15V continual DC power to boost charge the battery until it reaches 95% capacity. At this point the float charging state is activated whereby 14V continual DC power is provided to float charge the battery. Once the battery surface charge reaches 14V the charger will stop the current feeding to the battery, however, should the battery drop back below 14V the charging process will automatically start again.