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Multiple Voltage Trailer Light Converter

This device is specially designed for powering your 12V or 24V trailer lights using the 12V or 24V rear lighting of your car, a highly versatile tool allowing you to use any trailer with any towing vehicle.

  • Power converter for caravan or trailer lamps.

  • Suits all types of vehicles due to low current draw and compatible with LED lamps & incandescent globes.

  • Highly compatible 5 circuit system for your trailer lighting needs.

  • 12VDC-12VDC, 24VDC-24VDC, 12VDC-24VDC. 24VDC-12VDC operating voltages.

  • Five inputs and outputs can be interchanged and combined.

  • Draws 1mA current from rear car lights for signal.

  • Each output has maximum of 10 Amp.

  • IP65 water proof.

  • Multi-input and multi-output.

  • Designed for both old and new vehicle systems for tow trailer light.